Cross Laminated Timber - CrossLam

Cross Laminated Timber or CLT is the green choice for schools, health care facilities, public buildings, commercial buildings, and multi-family housing because of it's cross-layered construction, reduced carbon footprint, and ready to assemble system. CrossLam by Structurlam is a state of the art solid cross laminated timber panel that is ideal for floor, wall, and roof systems making it the perfect structural solution.

About CrossLam

Cross Laminated Timber have many of the benefits that other building materials just don't have.

  • Up to 6 times lighter than concrete
  • Cost competitive against steel and concrete
  • Reduces overall construction time
  • Space creator, 1/3 thinner than concrete
  • Primarily requires carpentry skills and power tools

Structurlam's Cross Laminated Timber have all the advantages of prefabricated buildings in addition to the Structurlam Advantage:

  • Crosslam  Environmental GuideOur state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to efficiently produce large volumes of world class, certified panels with a maximum dimension of 10' x 40'.
  • Our Rex Big Master planer can finish smooth all 4 sides to expose panel surfaces and ensure a perfect fit.
  • Our Design Team can provide fully engineered design solutions for floors, roof, walls, and all connection details.
  • Our Installation Team can install any size of project.
  • We manufacture panels using environmentally friendly resins that are free from formaldehyde and colour.
  • The Structurlam Team is here to make your project a success!


truck driving over access matsCrosslam Rig Mats and Access Mats are built with cross laminated timber (CLT) engineering, an innovative cross layered wood system. Tested by one of the largest oil field equipment companies in the world, this next generation mat is strong, durable, lightweight, greatly reduces shipping costs and saves you money.

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